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Haven’t posted in a long while. At work I’ve been using an internal blog platform to teach PowerShell which didn’t leave a lot of time for my own blog. So far that experience has actually been pretty rewarding. Most of the people that I have interacted with aren’t developers, they are IT people with varying levels of experience and skill. People get really excited when they discover that they can command a computer to do something. It’s more satisfying than using a GUI somehow, more assertive somehow. When they realize that if you can do it to ONE machine you could do it to A THOUSAND machines people start to get that “Pinky and the Brain” look in their eyes. The genuinely strange thing is that this organization is incredibly wary of automation. I’ve never seen anything like it. These days almost every element of a datacenter supports some type of automation. With just a little development provisioning and deployment become effortless. I don’t get it. Anyway, Windows Server 2012 has incredibly broad PowerShell support and I have been knee deep in most of it for months. I’ll be posting a lot of PowerShell goodness in the coming weeks.

I’ve been doing a lot of internals work with FIM 2010 R2. I’ve written a functional Management Agent/Connector. I’ve also built some custom workflows for simple tasks that I needed to accomplish. Hopefully all of that code will end up on Github really soon.

It’s actually the weird hesitance to use automation that has made me turn back to public blogging. Every organization has political environments that have to be navigated to introduce a new technology. Maybe I’m just not the right guy to do that here. I can certainly say that I’ve grown really tired of hearing “NO!” for anything that I propose. Maybe it should take a month to spin up a new server and I’m just a jerk for thinking it should be quicker. Who knows…So, I’m going to start working on more open source stuff and writing about identity management. Why not just leave? I work from home three days a week. It’s hard to argue with. I’m also still working on some things that I really enjoy. There’s just plenty of stupid peppered into an otherwise very tasty soup.

I’m also going to be trying to get a specific certification this year…so I’ll probably be writing about that as well. This weekend I’m off to California for an MCSE: Server Infrastructure boot-camp.