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I guess it had never occurred to me that people would spend money on this kind of thing. Nieve, I know. I have been researching GPU based hash cracking systems lately. Most of the stuff I have seen is open source and CUDA based. I may be purchasing a workstation level graphics card to pursue this kind of thing. So far the one I have my eye on is Quadro 4000 based…not that crazy, but still pretty powerful and more than capable for my amateur crypto analysis needs.

This is by a company called Tableau. It’s a dedicated distributed brute force attack appliance. They provide some stats at:

There is also a package from Elcomsoft…the people that brought you the Dmitry Sklyarov DMCA thing earlier this decade. They support GPU’s and the Tableau accelerator’s.

I also ran across a company that makes PCI-Express expansion cabinets for the VDI market. Hmmm….


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