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Monthly Archives: July 2011

I upgraded my mac to Lion. The thing I really like is the new XCode. It runs in a single window with Interface Builder built-in. Poking around in Grand Central, Apple’s parallel task system, I was really impressed. It’s using what looks like, effectively, the lambda passing stuff that .Net 4 is using as well. Since the whole world has gone MVC crazy it all seems easier to wrap my head around than my first foray’s into Mac development.  The thing is, though, I’m completely over phones, tablets, and the like…I’m just done. Everywhere I go it looks like people are examining their navel with a tricorder from star trek.


I’ve been doing a lot of claims-based authentication development lately, so I am looking forward extending that to cross platform scenarios.


I guess it had never occurred to me that people would spend money on this kind of thing. Nieve, I know. I have been researching GPU based hash cracking systems lately. Most of the stuff I have seen is open source and CUDA based. I may be purchasing a workstation level graphics card to pursue this kind of thing. So far the one I have my eye on is Quadro 4000 based…not that crazy, but still pretty powerful and more than capable for my amateur crypto analysis needs.

This is by a company called Tableau. It’s a dedicated distributed brute force attack appliance. They provide some stats at:

There is also a package from Elcomsoft…the people that brought you the Dmitry Sklyarov DMCA thing earlier this decade. They support GPU’s and the Tableau accelerator’s.

I also ran across a company that makes PCI-Express expansion cabinets for the VDI market. Hmmm….