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In Active Directory you could search using the ldap filter (ANR=JOSH) and it would return any object where the search string ‘JOSH’ is a part of the the givenName, SN, mail…basically any attibute that has ‘searchFlags=0’ in its schema entry.

In SQL you would use the keyword ‘LIKE’ for the same effect. Although, in SQL you would have to specify the column names to query.

I can’t tell you how much time this would have saved me in the past. I want to weep.



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  1. As Matt mentioned on the phone…It’s not like SQL ‘LIKE’…in LDAP that would be ‘*’…as in (cn=josh*)…there isn’t really an analog in SQL. On the phone we kind of went through the mental gymnastics to see what it would take. It went somehting like…1. Query the schema and insert into an in-memeory table all of the column names that you might think are important…then 2.) snore…

    I can’t even bring myself to finish it. That’s why LDAP is better for people data.

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