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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Unity was developed by Unbuntu to replace gnome. It looks pretty nice. Still has some rough edges, but it a mile better than the configuration circus that is KDE and GNOME.

I’m a really big fan.


I love this. A package management system for windows that takes open source software and actually uses the platform…WinSxS, MSI’s, Visual Studio 2010…instead of Cygwin or SFU. (Both of which make children cry.)

I’ve got to look into this more. By the time I finally get around to taking the CCIE lab this will definitely be on the menu.

Using bitlocker with VHD files.

Hard Disk Steganography with Disk Fragmentation.

This is pretty awesome…

One unintended consequence of leaving IPv6 enabled on either Server 2008/2008 R2 or Win 7 is that the link local addresses can still be working on the local subnet even in the case that IPv4 is broken due to VLAN tagging…or any number of other reasons…why is that? The Link Local Addresses discover each other via layer 2 broadcasts. (Before anyone shouts at me…I know that they use Layer 3 multicast…but the addresses map to layer two broadcasts.)