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The more development that I do, the more I realize that there isn’t any wizard behind the curtain. There is less and less mystery as to how things work. Which is good and bad…you start thinking…Screw that, I can TELL this thing to do anything that I want. This comes up more and more as co-workers don’t believe you that when they click a check box on a tool that came with the OS, you can do that TOO?!!!??? With code??!?!?!!? No…There is something special about the check box. There is no way that you can do what the CHECK BOX does. How dare you blaspheme the OS! Don’t let it hear you! The disbelief is weird. Today was such a day. I always knew that Com objects were just dll’s (mainly) that had some common entry points defined…and some “glue” (IDL) that let’s you access them from different languages. Today, I have even fewer scales over my eyes.

Now to dig back into that Russinovich book on C++ and win32…


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